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Enjoy a romantic drive as your favorite music pulls softly at your heart strings and takes you back to that memorable day, as you adjust the mood lighting, close the privacy window, sipping your favorite glass of wine and embark on a soulful journey of the mind and spirit before arriving at one of your select dining establishments, chosen for it's elegance and intimacy. We arrange an entire evening that will recapture the magic of that first moment

We go the extra mile. No request is too great or unattainable , so please do not hesitate to grant us the privilege of serving you and making your Anniversary an unforgettable memory of delight

  Bachelor Parties

Let us help make that "Last Fling" a memorable one. We can help you (the best man) plan an itinerary, custom designed to your specifications, for that special last big night out.

Whether you wish to hit all the local "hot" clubs, pool halls, or just want to explore the city's nightlife, we can make your night out carefree and as wild as you wish. Let us take care of the driving, allowing you to make the most of your evening. No need to worry about designated drivers, finding parking spaces, or waiting in lines to get into clubs. The Ride Provider will take care of all those annoying details, so your group can sit back and enjoy.
Your "Bachelor" Limousine will be fully stocked, with the finest libations and hottest music. All you have to do, is make your beverage and music selections and tell us how wild of an evening you desire. WE TAKE CARE OF THE REST! It doesn't get any better than this.

For more information, regarding "adult entertainment", "gentleman's clubs" or any other special request, as you know, you can contact us 864-277-3636.

  Bachelorette Parties

Let's not forget the Ladies. For the Bride to be, we can make her night a memorable one also. Let our company whisk you and your group away, for a wild night on the town. Start your evening with dinner at the restaurant of your choice or one of our preferred ones or we can venture to the city. Either way we can take care of everything for you so your night will go hassle-free.

Then continue your night of adventure by heading to all the Hot Dance Clubs. Feel like Celebrities, as you slip past lines and enter the hottest clubs without a wait and usually without paying cover charges. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, and in need of something more wild, we can take you to "male" reviews. Get wild, get crazy, you have nothing to worry about. Ride Provider chauffeurs will make your evening a safe event. Nothing is more exciting, than a Limousine full of women, out for a night on the town. So have fun, and leave the driving to us.

Forget designated drivers, finding parking or wasting precious time travelling from one destination to another. WE TAKE CARE OF IT ALL! Your "Bachelorette" Limousine comes fully stocked, with wonderful champagnes or libations of your choosing, a music selection suited to your tastes, flowers for the Bride, and a complementary box of chocolates to make the evening that much sweeter.

For an even more exciting day, check out our day spa packages. Your group, can start the day out with a spa treatment, relaxing and unwinding until the evening's festivities begin. All fresh and rejuvenated, you can then head out for a wild evening of fun and excitement. If you're interested in a combo Spa/Bachelorette party package, please call for special rates.

For more information regarding "adult entertainment", "Male reviews", or any other special request please contact us 864-277-3636


We can make your "most memorable day" more special by providing you with the absolute best limousine service and amenities available. Your limousine will be the newest, most beautiful limousine imaginable, with all the special amenities you desire. Our chauffeurs are always on time, guaranteed, and dressed in tuxedoes. Let us whisk you away to the church, or from the church to the reception, and from the reception to your honeymoon. Don't worry about coordinating transportation from each destination, we can help arrange wedding party pick-ups and drop-offs and everything in-between, and we even have special package rates to make everything more affordable. Now, as for amenities...we have the best! From our Signature Service you can choose beautiful roses to fill the inside of your wedding limousine, delectable Belgian chocolates to nibble, and music (selected by you) to serenade, as the two of you are whisked away to your special destination. But wait! What would a wedding be without champagne! Indulge yourself on the special day, with a bottle of Domain Chandon, or Gloria Ferrer, or another champagne of your personal taste!

  Corporate Services

The Ride Provider has your business in mind. Our goal is to provide competitive pricing yet more importantly unprecedented service. Our chauffeurs are dressed in tuxedos and are professionals themselves, who understand business.

Whether your corporate service is simply trips to the airport or executive outing in one of our golf packages, you can count on knowledgeable chauffeurs, and the finest limousines, stocked with the finest beverages. So you are represented like never before.

Monthly billing is available for corporate accounts with regular service needs. Bring us your corporate business once and you will never use another limousine service again ........... We guarantee it.

  Airport Service

Frequent travelers know that every airport is unique. Fortunately, Ride Provider offers consistent quality you can depend on.

Ride Provider chauffeurs are trained to maintain intimate familiarity with the layout, logistical details and surrounding traffic patterns of the airports they serve. Additionally, the chauffeur stays in constant cell phone, fax and pager contact - eliminating every potential problem associated with getting you to or from your flight.

Finally, with our meet and greet service, a Ride Provider chauffeur meets you and escorts you to your car.

This uniquely personal service saves you precious minutes otherwise wasted in the airport.
If you would like to reserve a limousine for our Airport Service, please click the link on the menu labeled Booking.

  Designated Driver Service
There is absolutely no better way to hit the town for a night of clubbing and barhopping than with The Ride Provider..

Not convinced? Let us count the ways:

1. You and your friends will travel in luxurious style, with your favorite music playing and the cocktails flowing, as your mobile party moves from hotspot to hotspot.

2. Your Night Club limo package includes our complimentary fully stocked bar including champagne, wine, cider, vodka, whisky, beer and soft drinks.

3. If you go clubbing, Rider Provider has made arrangements with some of the hottest nightspots in town. You'll never have to wait in line and - in most places - they'll waive the cover charge. We pull right up to the club and you and your party are whisked right in.

4. And last, but certainly not least, with your chauffeured Ride Provider limousine, you have a built in designated driver to ensure that everyone has a great time and gets home safely..
  Point - Point
From the office to an important meeting, from home to the boardroom, from any address to any address, our Point-to-Point service liberates you. For a fixed rate, you'll travel in comfort between any two points in a given geographical area.
Do some work. Make calls. Read. Or just relax. Your Ride Provider chauffeur deals with traffic and anything else that comes up along the way. It's a sense of comfort you'll really appreciate when you arrive.

Once you've made your reservation, there's nothing between point A and point B except the peace of mind you'll have knowing that Ride Provider is taking care of everything.

  Customer Directed
Sometimes, you don't know exactly what to expect: A meeting gets moved. Or cancelled. You find yourself in a strange town and needing to get around efficiently. Maybe you just need transportation that's available to you for whatever you need, whenever you need it.

With Ride Provider's Customer Directed service, anything is possible. Your Ride Provider chauffeur responds to your instructions on the spot. No advance warning necessary. Customer Directed service delivers a truly personal chauffeur as needed, on demand.

This "by the hour" service offers Ride Provider's clients the flexibility they need to navigate shifting priorities and requirements